Year 5


We have 2 classes in our year group, 5SB and 5JW. In Y5, Miss Bramhald and Miss Watts are our Class Teachers. Miss Laird and Mrs Bowes (HLTA) are our Teaching Assistants.  Each morning we split into 3 groups to form an additional class (5JC) Mrs Carton. They are all very kind and help us to learn in exciting ways (whilst also having fun!).

We are a very welcoming year group with polite, well mannered, unique and fantastic children, who like to help each other! Of course, we are also very modest! We try hard in everything that we do and strive to achieve our personal targets, as our learning is very important to us.

Below you will find the Curriculum Map for our year group, which lets you know what our Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) will be this year 2019-20. As you will see, there are lots of exciting things happening this school year!

Meet the Staff

Miss BramaldTeacher
Miss WattsTeacher
Mrs CartonTeacher
Mrs BowesTeaching Assistant (HLTA)
Miss LairdTeaching Assistant

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