Parent Voice

We have received some wonderful feedback through 'Parent Voice.' Here's some of the feedback from our fantastic learning community:

I think you are doing an amazing job and the day is organised well with a mixture of live lessons and see saw tasks. My daughter had an issue logging on to zoom once and with a quick call to school the office staff helped resolve this. I have friends and colleagues with children In other schools and the provision they are accessing is poor compared to Morley Place. My daughter is still accessing school on a critical workers place and I really like the see saw app as I can look at her work submitted and we can go through any feedback from her teacher together and resubmit the work which is lovely for working parents. I also think thrive Thursday is a great idea as it is as important as ever to place a focus on the children emotional health. Thank you all so much

Don't think it needs any improvement as my daughter feels like she is just in class.

Can't fault the online provision at Morley Place. When I talk to friends with children in different schools, their children don't get half as much support or live learning as my child does.

My child is finding the online learning enjoyable and stress free

Just the right amount of live lessons focused on what my child needs to know right now. Plenty of support given by teachers over zoom and seesaw. Activities posted are interesting and keep them engaged. Great organisation each day and I know if there are any issues I can phone school and there is always someone there to help us out

The support for my child throughout this time has been exceptional. She has continued to access a wide variety of lessons and has had excellent learning opportunities. Staff support has been excellent throughout. Her work on seesaw is always acknowledged and next steps and corrections are there when needed. I have no doubt that she is learning lots throughout this time. The fact that she is able to interact with her teacher and her classmates through the live lessons is wonderful. Credit should be given to all staff involved. The provision has been excellent right from week 1. Thank you.

The support from the teachers is great, I think they are doing a great job under the circumstancesOn days my child's has been learning  from home she's found it easy to get on withMy child has enjoyed the sessions and it was nice to see and watch him learn . I even joined in with some activities
Sophia has loved learning about Sam Francis in the key worker provision. As soon as we got home, she got the paints out to create some more art!Huge shout out to all teachers and staff right now making week 1 of remote learning run as smooth as possible, keeping pupils engaged and keeping the balance right. Hat goes off to you allA massive shout out to the year 3 team @MorleyPlace. Sophia is absolutely loving the learning she is doing. Thank you for everything you are doing for her.
Sophia is getting to grips with working from home today! Thank you for your fabulous online provision!