Academy Day

Our school day runs from 8.30a.m to 2.50p.m. These times have been agreed in order to fit with drop off & collection from our feeder infant, Rowena Academy for those parents who have children at both schools. Pupils may be dropped off from 8.15a.m, at which point a teacher will be on duty in the playground. We would recommend that parents wait with our new Y3 children, until the whistle is blown for them to line up and the teacher to collect them. If possible, please let them go into the classroom on their own, as this is a key time for developing their independence.

The school gates will be unlocked at 2.40p.m and you may wait to collect children in the playground, outside their classroom. Children will be released at 2.50p.m. For new starters, Class Teachers or Learning Assistants will see children out to parents at the class door. We have a School Crossing Patrol on Old Road at the front of the school from 8.10a.m in a morning and 2.50p.m, for those children walking home on their own.

8.40amBasic Skills
12.50pmReading & Reflection
1:20pmTopic Work/Interventions
2.50pmEnd of School Day